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Nebraska vs Ohio State (11/3/18)

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This is a game before and early this season I thought we would get boat raced in. Developments of late have me cautiously optimistic that we may have a shot in this game. My right side of my brain tells me we pull the big upset while my left side still thinks we get boat raced. I hope my right side turns out to be true.

The game will be broadcast on FOX starting at 11AM CDT (the last day light savings game of the season).

The pre/game/post can be streamed here starting at 5:55 AM CDT: http://www.huskers.com/liveEvents/l...2.1825705212.1520119727-1614288233.1520119724

I have been reading quite a bit late at night this week (been a helluva busy week at work etc) on Ohio State from a Buckeye perspective and I thought I would post a few previews etc. that you might find of interest. So here we go with the first one:

Ohio State Vs. Nebraska Preview And Prediction - Week 10

Don’t be fooled by Nebraska’s less than stellar record. Scott Frost has his Alma mater going in the right direction. He’s getting his kids to buy in and getting rid of the guys who don’t want to be there. It’ll take time, but the Cornhuskers are better than their 2-6 record shows.

True freshman Adrian Martinez is starting to come into his own. After battling injuries early in the year, the Nebraska quarterback has been putting up respectable numbers. Martinez threw for 323 and 384 yards in losses to Purdue and Wisconsin, and 276 yards and three touchdowns in the ‘Huskers first win of the season over Minnesota. Maybe more impressive is a 75% completion rate over the last three games.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Malik Harrison, Linebacker. The linebacking crew has looked bad, and someone — anyone — has to step up. Might as well be the most athletic one of the bunch. Harrison is a freak athlete and he’ll need to keep an eye on Martinez who’s ran for over 400 yards this season. Devine Ozigbo is also a very capable runner averaging over seven yards per carry. Harrison as well as the rest of the linebacking crew must step up and make stops.

I wish I could say this was going to be a cakewalk against a two-win team. But I don’t believe Nebraska is a typical two-win opponent. Unless some sort of miracle has happened since walking out of Ross-Ade, this one could have fans gnawing fingernails to the quick once again.

The defense will remain a mystery and give up some big plays, but will also come up with some key stops to keep momentum from shifting, but the game will be closer than it should be. Even though Ohio State comes out on top, Buckeye fans will still be wondering what the heck is wrong with the D yet again. Rinse and repeat.

Final Score
Ohio State 45, Nebraska 31

Tons more here:

Here is another look at Nebraska by the folks at Buckeyewire. I think they did a really good job on this

Offensive Style
It’s a combination of several different things. As a former triple-option quarterback, Scott Frost likes to use the option, but runs it out of the shotgun. Yet, the Huskers can air it out as well, completing 64.5% of their throws for an average of 7.7 yards per carry.

Simply put: Nebraska runs a style of offense that’s very similar to Purdue’s. The Buckeye D will need to bring its “A” game to beat the Huskers.

Adrian Martinez — A true freshman, Martinez won the job because of his ability to make plays. He’s played extremely well in Big 10 conference play completing 65% of his passes for 1,256 yards and a respectable 8/4 TD-to-INT ratio. Yet, he’s also run the ball effectively when needed, including a 125-yard effort in the Huskers’ victory over Minnesota. His skill set will cause all sorts of problems for the Ohio State defense.

Nebraska Can Win The Game If …
…Ohio State is still sulking from the loss to Purdue.

Let’s be honest: the Buckeyes are the better team. When they’re playing well, they can beat anyone, even Alabama.

But, how will OSU respond after last week’s loss? If — and it’s a big if — the Buckeyes don’t come ready to play against the Cornhuskers, they could lose this contest. Sure, this year’s Nebraska team wasn’t what it was when Frost played quarterback there. But, it does have a lot of young, improving talent, and is extremely well-coached. As long as the Huskers avoid making costly mistakes, they could give Ohio State a run for its money.

Much more at the link: https://buckeyewire.com/2018/11/01/ohio-state-versus-nebraska-week-10-enemy-territory-preview/2/