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Nebraska vs Northwestern (11/04/17)

Headed out on a day trip with my daughter who is a senior in college to help her with a project she is doing for a geology class (her major) should be back for the start of the game.
What a great area for you to work on a geology project. Enjoy the morning.

Let's put nw away early! KICK THEIR BUTTS!!

How about 230 in the air & 230 on the ground!
GO BIG. RED!!! :Blackshirts:

Soooo... What are the chances we actually win this game?

Even when we've been playing pretty good football, NWU always finds a way to at least keep it very close. I'm a little worried. Here's to a Husker blowout of the kitties so my heart doesn't just give up on me.


Good question about the HUSKERS chances to win this game. I honestly believe the HUSKERS gained a good deal of momentum with the Purdue win and I'm looking to see that transfer to the field today with a solid win over NW. I say the odds/chances, despite the fact that NW is favored, are very good that the HUSKERS get the win.
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