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Nebraska vs Minnesota (10/20/18)

As close to a must win as an 0-6 team can have.

Win this game, and then handle Bethane-Cookman for a nice modest 2 game win streak.

Lose this game, then Bethane-Cookman has a completely different feel to it. A win over BC at that point becomes an asterisk type of win. Then Ohio State on the road.

I think the Huskers get it done and we land a key recruit as well.
Finally have a good feeling about this one...... We showed improvement in the NW game but need to learn how to FINISH!! To many close games that if they had broken our way we could easy be 4-2 right now imo.
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This is the first game in quite a while I feel we could, should, and will win.

I would be a wonderful feat to get that five million pound gorilla off our back. If we were to somehow, someway lose, it would be like having a five million pound gorilla on our back that happens to have a severe case of diarrhea.

Unfortunately I felt eerily similar about the Northwestern game and said gorilla drenched my back.

I am still completely sold that this is win #1. I'll be in the stands. Couldn't be any other way.