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Nebraska vs Minnesota (10/12/19)


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He is saying that he (McCaffery) can play in 3 more games & still maintain his redshirt bc of the 4 game rule. Might as well have played him.
No. We have too many games left. It would be nice, if more qb’s go down (reasonable concern with this o-line), to play him without having to burn his redshirt. If this was the third to last game, I would agree.
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A lot of work to do the next two weeks. Monumental task to keep this team focused and get back on track. Unfortunately, it usually takes longer than that to fix poor technique and bad habits.


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Yes but we never had any momentum...ever
Could have used some points and some longer drives for sure. But the offense moved the ball the start the game pretty well. They really didn't do the things they've done in too many games where they turned the ball over or left a short field. Minny kept getting the ball and going the length of the field. And that was happening early in the first and second half when the defense couldn't say they were tired.

Defense had a near-total lay down tonight.


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Most well coached teams show improvement as the year goes on. This team seems to be getting worse every week. I still support Frost, but am at a loss to explain the mediocrity before our eyes.
What worries me is that Frost cannot explain it either. I know he knows football and knows how to coach. I think that the BIG is a very different animal than his coaches are used to.
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