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Nebraska vs Minneosta Game Thread (11/12/16)

Red Reign

Husker Immortal
10 Year Member
Like last week I will miss watching the game live as my daughter and I will be at the hockey game (ECHL) where they will be honoring veterans. We had the honor last night of painting the names of my dad, mom and brother and my wife's dad on the ice. My daughter painted my name which was humbling and an honor. It was set up to be painted in red and blue to simulate the US Flag. The game will be played on the ice with the names tomorrow night.

So back to our business at hand. :) Both teams enter the game with 7-2 records. The Huskers as of tonight are 7 point favorites.

The game will be shown on BTN and BTN2Go starting at 5:30 PM CST

Pre/Game/Post will be streamed here starting at 1:25 PM CST:



Tom Osborne
5 Year Member
Just boarding my plane in DCA. On my way to Lincoln to root the Huskers to victory. Go Big Red! !


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
Well the last 2 weeks have been bumpers, heart brake and a blow out, let's get back to some husker ball control and stout D

Red October

Junior Varsity
5 Year Member
Most people including myself figured we would lose 1 of 2 or 2 of 2 in that stretch. Toughest games of the year. What we do now tells us what kind of team we have. Im voting for a stronger one than we saw last week and start another win streak today.


Husker Fan
15 Year Member
Good morning everyone. I think the HUSKERS will be ready to play a complete game today and come away with a big win.