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Nebraska vs Michigan State (11/17/18)

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Hard to believe this season is almost in the books. Last home game and a chance to say goodbye to some pretty special seniors who trough tremendous leadership and hard work have been able to right the program and set it on the straight and narrow. Future is really bright with that being said I hope we don't forget what these kids did for this program.

Game will be on FOX starting at 11AM CDT

Pre/Game/post can be streamed here at 5:55AM CST: http://www.huskers.com/liveEvents/l...2.1825705212.1520119727-1614288233.1520119724

Everyone Fricken ready for tomorrow!!!! Got my hand/foot warmers from Walmart. Check on the longjohns. Carharts washed and at attention.

I think tomorrow is when the rest of the nation goes "Oh, S**t. Nebraska finally has their crap together!!!" For the first time in about 9 years I did not put in a score prediction. I so want to say a 25 point win. Everyone going tomorrow drive safe and cheer loud, esp for the seniors. For those at home, drink a shot or two for us! this is the week NU becomes nationally relevant agin. WHOOOOOOOO!
Right now winds are 21mph with gusts to 36. 50% chance of snow after noon, per NWS web site. Going to be tough conditions. Dress appropriately!
Hope our seniors can manage a win today as they sure deserve it. Been a rocky road and those that stayed the course have my gratitude for helping to rebuild the program.

IMO MSU is going to be an extremely tough game and real test of our new found offensive prowess.