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Nebraska vs LA Tech Game Thread (9/23/23)

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Maybe we could stumble into winning the last championship during the worst season of maybe the worst conference division in college football history.

I'd take it!

(Hey, it's a start. :Cheers:)
I think you may be forgetting some Big 12 N years..

I think you may be forgetting some Big 12 N years..
1. Debatable.
2. Let me have my fun. ;)
3. It may have been Nebraska and the 5 dwarves in the North, but we were ranked at the end of all but three of those years and we do count.
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While I have to credit Ohio State for remaining composed and pulling that victory from the jaws of defeat, I wasn't overly impressed with the Buckeyes -- offensively especially. Their defense, however, was impressive.

I won't be shocked if Ohio State finishes 3rd in the East this year. I'd personally like to see Penn State win it -- and I think this is the best team in Happy Valley in quite some time. For now, Michigan is still the favorite.

The Gophers suck too. Northwestern just beat Minnesota. :Eek:
I was shocked to see Minnesota blow 21-0 and 31-10 leads to Northwestern. Our loss to Minnesota certainly doesn't look any "better" right now, and Northwestern no longer looks like a near certain win.

None of our previous opponents distinguished themselves today. CU got destroyed by Oregon, and Northern Illionois dropped a home game against Tulsa.

How did we only score 10 points vs. Minnesota and 7 points vs CU in the first 59:50 of that game? "Turnovers" is part of the answer, but still.

I’ve seen some critical comments of him. But tell me, if he was still here, would he be in the active rotation?
Crawford caught more passes today than anyone from NU other than Kemp. I have to think he would at least be on the 2-deep if he stayed here.

He was largely responsible for LaTech's one turnover though.
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