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Nebraska vs LA Tech Game Thread (9/23/23)

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Tonight is a rare time I will root for the Irish.
It reminds me of the week one bills jets game. HATE both teams, told my Buddy a few minutes before kickoff I wanted the jets to win but Rodgers to blow out his knee. I should have played the powerball that night.

Disclaimer- I don’t normally wish for injuries.

That said, I hope somehow they both lose tonight lol.

I mean, Colorado put up 36 and Michigan would embarrass Colorado.

I’m fearing a 35-10 type game. Defense will be way too taxed and tired. I hope I’m wrong.
I hate to say it but I think to get 10 against Michigan we'll need a scoop and score or a pick six.
White needs to figure how to better defend against those WIDE OPEN passes over the middle. They just run their receiver to that wide open middle zone. LaTech completed several critical passes way to easy imo. They had almost 300 yds passing which isn’t good especially using their backup QB. BTW Haarberg was only 8 of 18 which isn’t going to get it done against good teams. We have a lots of room to improve on both sides of the ball.

Not open for further replies.


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