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Nebraska vs Iowa Game Thread (B1G Tailgate From Lincoln)

I have said several times on here... and I really want to drive the point home. This offense can work if we become 65/35 run and use the QB run game. For all the good Adrian is... when he was told that if he plays though injuries (especially the jaw) that he was not going to be put in positions to take hits... it REALLY hamstrung our offense.

If we win today... it is not going to be because Logan is a better QB than Adrian (I don't believe he is)... it is because one of the most dynamic aspects to this offense is the QB run game.. and the defense having to account for it. Be it speed option, zone read, QB power etc. I suspect that Logan is going to show what a gifted athlete he is... Folks are going to be blow away by his speed (this according to my friend who coaches HS ball in Huntsville, AL)...it is "T-Magic esque" (sub 11 second 100 meter)... If we can pop a few runs early for 10-15 yard gains... look for Allen down the seam in PA on a long TD today.
Well said.

An immobile QB operating the offense is limiting.

I'm all about that 65-to35 run-pass ratio.