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Nebraska vs Illinois Game Thread (08/28/2021)

I'm mostly spending my morning forecasting the weather. I have to work 7 days anymore. And, I'm casually monitoring Hurricane Ida. Not directly impacting my work region, but close enough to have interest.

Really need a win today. Eliminating turnovers will be key.

For the first time in over a year, we have more than one receiver who should scare defenses. If we can get Manning, Toure and Martin loose and get some deeper throws going, that will make a world of difference in opening up everything else. Gotta get the defenses to respect the pass again and keep them from crowding the box.
It’s on Fox unless you live in St. Louis, where the local Fox station has made the brilliant decision to air a preseason NFL game instead of the home opener of one of the closest FBS schools. The Nebraska-Illinois game has been relegated to their sister station, which isn’t available for too many of us who stream TV. I guess the NFL burning St. Louis by letting the Rams leave made a real impact on local TV executives


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