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Nebraska vs. Bethune Cookman


I watched the NU-BCU game and have a few takes, whatever their worth.

Overall, game was closer than it should've been with the supposed disparity in talent and program quality. It should've looked like a runaway freight train, but it looked like a heavyweight getting surprised by an up and coming challenger.

QB: Martinez looked good. Surprised me with his arm strength, active arm. Quick release. Great accuracy in that all important sideline flare pass, placing it right in front of the receiver quickly. Game plan called for no runs from AM, which is a great strategy in this one. Vedral looked smooth, but lacks both explosion in the run game or arm liveliness of AM. He'd better become cerebral like Milton.

OL: subpar. AM was continually pressured. Running lanes few and far between, causing Ziggy to manufacture his own yards via YAC.

Defense: Disappointing. Although the BC QB was a runner first, he hit many passes due to lack of pressure and db's getting beat.

DL: nothing stood out. Mostly space occupiers.

LB: Young steady (ugh). Barry the only defender who looked like he belonged on a blackshirt defense

DB: not making plays, just running the plays. Only Deontie Williams looked like he had explosion and enthusiasm when he sparingly played

We need an upgrade, mostly at defense. Keep flipping the roster and developing in the weightroom. That would be my advice.


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Yes, we were very lucky to squeak out a victory in that game. It was much closer than the 45-9 score would reflect. BC Only scored 3 points in the first three quarters, but they started to “bring it” in the fourth where they scored 6 of their 9. Good thing games are only four quarters. We might have been in trouble. :wink:
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I recently rewatched that game as well. It was obvious that there was a huge qualitative talent advantage for NU, but it looked to me that the team played sloppy and unfocused. I think Foster had two holding penalties, unforgivable against Bethune-Cookman offensive linemen. It was good to see the team coalesce toward the end of the season and eliminate a lot of the careless and confused play.


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I rewatched the '78 Nebraska-Iowa State game and was equally unimpressed, despite the 23-0 score.

NU didn't break the 400 yard total offense mark and Iowa State was one play away from getting 100 yards of total offense.

I'm surprised we didn't fire Osborne after that debacle. Obviously Devaney didn't have his house in order either.


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That was one of the most beautiful game days I remember in a long, long time. For late October it was perfect.
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This thread is pure entertainment lol! I’ll take it seriously for a second and say as an athlete it’s hard to be 100 percent focused going into a game where you know you are going to dominate your opponent. I was not disappointed in this game.