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Nebraska @ South Alabama - Mobile, Ala. 2/24, 25 & 26

1-1 for Olson
1st save for the 5th year senior, Kyle Perry

1-3-1 record
Kaminska will pitch tomorrow

Nice to win, of course, but we’ll have work on our Misery Index. Patterned after the ’70s economic measure that combined unemployment and inflation figures, our baseball misery index adds offensive LOBs (and Ks by implication) to conceded BBs, HBPs and errors on the defensive side to really describe the shape we’re in. So even after a victory, this didn’t feel great. But it‘s one in the up column, and a whole lotta time to improve, so there’s that. Starting with today.

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We will see how Bolt's team recovers from this.. I would think NIL would be a plus for baseball.. more kids go to pros for the money, but with NIL they won't have to do that!

We shall see.


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