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Nebraska @ Minnesota Game Thread (8/31/23)

Tough way to lose, You just can't turn the ball over to Minn and come out on top. The GG's are an established program, I rather doubt their win streak over the Huskers will last much longer. I saw a lot to like, was very disappointed in the way it ended. I really feel for AG, he had it going pretty good up until that fumble. Where were Kemp and Fidone? Tip of the hat to RJ, when is the last time we had that long of a KR?

Bottom line they made critical plays at critical points in the game, our guys didn't.

Are we sick of Neon Deion yet?
Hey, we are going to get a hell of a lot more before next week's game, not counting during the game!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Hooray: :Hooray: :Hooray: :Hooray:

Also, what is with the cowboy act and the overalls? Give me a friggin' break!! :rant:
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How coiuld our guys make plays with the gophers hanging/holding on them every play? Riddle me that Einstine.

*It's Einstein, Einstein.

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Thankful for you Bob. Always love your posts!
Thank you very much.
Not easy to keep heads level when your team plays so badly for such a long time. Again, we were spoiled.
Hang in there everyone.
Colorado, love them or not, looking a lot better than us at this time.
Our D could keep us in the game, but the O needs to step up.
All need to watch the Colo/TCU game.
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