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Nebraska @ Iowa Game Thread (11/27/20)


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I am so torn, I want to watch the game but know that I won't be able to stomach us getting tromped. Ugh....Iowa is like Colorado Buffaloes to me now. It is the one game I really want to win.

lo country

Eventually everything has to come together. A flash here, a spark there....Hoping today is the day that it all finally clicks for 4 quarters. A win against Iowa today might be the catalyst that finally gets this team to permanently turn the corner.
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Thank you, Hope your Thanksgiving was good. My first turkey I cooked was in a village in Germany where I was stationed. Our off base apartment was always open to any GI that treated the locals and the community with respect. So T-day rolled around and we (4 of us in the apt.) invited our German friends and our girlfriends for an American thanksgiving dinner. Then a couple of more troopers showed up and we were clearly going to be short of food(not beer or wine though). Then up pulls the 1 and a quarter pass run truck with a box of Thanksgiving food including another turkey(they told us they know we always take care of the kids away from home and were thinking of us). It all worked out and many fond memories.
Now, I also have some great Nebraska football memories that I hope can be replaced today by another great Husker memory.
I am truly thankful of fellow sarcastic and complaining Husker fans on this sight and for you and David and others for providing this opportunity of misplaced husker fans a chance to connect with kindred football souls.

Yup my wife and I spent our first Thanksgiving together at Misawa AB in Northern Japan with about a dozen of our young single enlisted and officer friends. Great memories and great fun.