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Nebraska @Iowa - Friday - 6:05 pm - 4-21-23 - Iowa City - Game 1 of 3

rf Evans ab
away... wp
Caron to 2nd
so many opportunities!

1-0 count
on outside corner
1-1 count

2-1 count

fouled left side
2-2 count
97 mph

Hucksdorf cf
0-1 count
1-1 count

over for
1-2 count

time at plate

commentator confused on count!!

fouled back
1-1 count

big lead at 1st

2-1 count

hit to rt
and caught on a line
by Cole!!

1 out

takes down/showing bunt
1-0 count
shows bunt
gets away for Caron
down 3b; no advance
2-0 count


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