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NEBRASKA @ILLINOIS - May 14, 2022 - Seibert Field / Champaign, Ill.

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Max ab

3 K's for Gowen
after a lead off hit
leaving runner at 1st!
to btm of the 1st

no score
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pack it up

3 strikeouts in the first inning

holy cow we’re bad
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It seems like when our opponents get two strikes on them, many find a way to get on base. When we get two strikes, we usually pick up the third strike on the next pitch.


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Jackson ab
0-1 count
fouling ball off

fouled left side
0-2 count to Jackson
make that 1-2
marquee was off!
fouled at the plate
2-2 count


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Congratulations to the NU softball team! As for our guys here, the number of Ks is just astounding. Minnesota series was lost on Saturday night when we failed to get balls in play in the 6th or 7th with man on third less than two outs…yet again. Time in and time out we see the fielding struggles of college teams and we just don’t exploit that weakness by getting bat on ball. But I’m still here. GBR!


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Janis ab
lh vs lhp

down/fast ball
1-0 count

342 6 36 rbi
in for strike
1-1 count
marquee still off!!
2-1 count
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