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Nebraska hosts Illinois - 6:05 CT - Friday - March 24, 2023 - Hawks Field - Season Opener! GBR!!!

1st pitch is a strike!

hit to left fld

Evans has it going toward ctr
1 out
Hejaz retired ss
Comia 3b ab
243 for Comia

fouls off rt side near the berm
1 1 ct

hit ss
and he throws it to 2bin time! ;)

2 down
McDonald ab cf
review to see if he
had he foot on the bag
Brice, once again, made 1b stretch!!!! Grr!!

s/m on high, hard one!!
1-2 count

hit to left ctr
and Burnham dives, going to left!! OUT!! Great, diving catch!!


to btm of the 1st

no score :)
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Brice ab
414 avg

418 avg

1-1 count

rh vs rhp

6 hr 29 rbi

top of the zone
1-2 count

high fast ball
2-2 on Brice


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