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Nebraska hosts Illinois - 6:05 CT - Friday - March 24, 2023 - Hawks Field - Season Opener! GBR!!!

actually, hit between 3rd and ss

Casey to the plate
bunt is donw
and all are safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome hustle and great bunt!!!
2 on and 1 out!!

Max is on deck

hit thru 3d!!!!!!!!!!!

run in but Carey out at 2nd!!

ok, 8-4 Huskers, as Max does not
get a chance to give us more.

3 hits this inning
1 run in

3 outs to go, folks!!
8-4 Huskers:Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc::Dancebroc:


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