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Nebraska high school players that are D1 committed

I don't know the Christos personally or have any inside info. On the surface, there could be some things favoring college. Drew is the epitome of scholar-athlete. Finished 1/329 in his high school class, and got a 35 on his ACT. Now that is impressive. And, the family is fine financially, so there is no short term need for funds. Having said that, if he is projected top couple of rounds and a 7 figure signing bonus, anyone would have to look at that; one could go to college anytime. My guess is he'd have to go really high in the draft, with a bigtime offer, to go pro. That could happen.
MLB organizations are the worst at sunk costs. If they offer you 7 figures, they are going to give you every chance and then some to make it.

If you get drafted out of HS and get offered 7 figures, you take it.

I had a player drafted from HS…not 7 Figures…but good contract…

Part of the contract was a guarantee of four years of college completely paid for by the organization once the professional career ended.

It was pretty specific…State Supported school, tuition and board based on a national average…yada, yada.

But I thought it very reasonable and a good guarantee that if baseball didn’t pan out the kid would have a great opportunity to still go to school.

He’s currently in AAA. And has flirted with getting into the bigs but I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen….time is starting to run out for him.
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