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Nebraska falls out of the AP poll after that embarrassing 24 point win saturday.


Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Already Taken
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If we take care of our business in the B1G, this "falling" out of the polls stuff wont matter a lick. 68 teams make the dance, and at this point, we really would have to mess up big time down the stretch to miss dancing this year. Yes, a higher ranking would give us a better draw, but it all comes down to us. We take care of our end, we will absolutely be ranked, and will get a good first round draw, and will get that coveted first ever tourney victory. We got this people, we just need to stop bitching, and start believing. It's like the saying goes, past performance doesn't guarantee future performance, and in this case, we are going to leave the past behind and excel. GO BIG RED!!!!!


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Iowa squeaked by a 3-7 Bryant team over the weekend, 72-67 Dropped from #23 to #25.