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Vise Grips were invented in Nebraska:

The first locking pliers, named Vise-Grips, were invented by William Petersen in De Witt, Nebraska in 1924.[SUP][2][/SUP] Mole grips were developed by Thomas Coughtrie in 1955, then managing director of M. K. Mole and Son.[SUP][3][/SUP]

I was so sad to see them fold. It was rite of passage for young men populating their first toolbox -- one of the first tools you get is a vise-grip. I want to be buried with mine.
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Vice grips were created in DeWitt Nebraska! My dad worked there and "created" his own pair that could be worth BIG bucks....please see my Craigslist page for details....;)


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Lester Electircal was founded in Lincoln and is the largest producer of golf cart battery chargers.

I worked there the summer of 1963, the year Lannie Carrier founded the company. Between my sophmore and junior year at UNL.

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Adolf Coors wanted to start his brewery in Alliance, Ne but the town wouldn't allow the permits, so he started it in Golden, CO instead.

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Wild Bill Hickock started his claim to fame at Rock Creek Station near Fairbury, closer to Endicott, by killing McCandles
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