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Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame


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Wow, Brown and Glover are way past due! Congrats to them!
They started this just two or three years ago. Since there's already a Nebraska Football Hall of Fame, it seems a little redundant for the football guys. But it does give the stars in the other sports some recognition that doesn't often come their way.

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are in the Nebraska Hall of Fame finally.

I have to ask, what took so long?
The Nebraska Hall of Fame has only been around since 2015.

Below is the inaugural class:
The distinguished student-athletes who make up Nebraska Athletics’ inaugural Hall of Fame class include: Steve Friesen (men’s golf); Alex Gordon (baseball); Charlie Greene (men’s track and field); Jim Hartung (men’s gymnastics); Penny Heyns (women’s swimming and diving); Karen Jennings (women’s basketball); Steve Jung (men’s tennis); Joe Kirby (men’s cross country); Christine Latham (soccer); Liz (Mooney) Shaffer (women’s tennis); Eric Piatkowski (men’s basketball); Adam Pine (men’s swimming and diving); Shannon Pluhowsky (bowling); Merlene Ottey (women’s track and field); Dave Rimington (football); Sarah Sasse-Kildow (women’s golf); Bill Scherr (wrestling); Richelle Simpson (women’s gymnastics); Lori Sippel (softball); Fran (ten Bensel) Benne (women’s cross country); Amanda (Trujillo) Scrivner (rifle); and Allison Weston (volleyball).

The Class of 2016:
The seven members of the 2016 Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame class include: Heather Brink (women’s gymnastics); Phil Cahoy (men’s gymnastics); Janet (Kruse) Sellon (volleyball); Nicola Martial (women’s track and field); Nancy (Meendering) Metcalf (volleyball); Johnny Rodgers (football); and Will Shields (football).

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So for football, the inductees started with:
Dave Rimington (2015)
Johnny Rodgers (2016)
Will Shields (2016)
Bob Brown (2017)
Rich Glover (2017)
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Duplicate due to a merging of threads.

Carry on with your locally scheduled program.
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I saw my first Husker game in 1945. In the intervening 72yrs. Bob Brown is, in my opinion, the best football player to wear a Nebraska jersey. Very intelligent and a superior athlete, he just dominated the line on both sides of the ball in the one platoon era of the early 60's. He was a mediocre player until Devaney arrived but Bob really got him going.