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Nebraska at Michigan State Gameday Weather Forecast -- Friday Update on Page 2, Post #17


Feral Cat
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WILX agrees,,,sort of at this moment. Thanks for keeping updates. Can you give a forecast for any college game in southern florida? Oh wait, hot, muggy, with 60% chance of rain

I'll update again later today. Rain chances are high early in the day Saturday -- but with the evening kickoff, they'll be low. I doubt rain impacts the game in East Lansing.

I've given weather forecasts for all sorts of places! :D South Florida rain is around frequently -- but as you know, the majority of the time, it rains for 15-20 minutes then the sun breaks back out.
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Feral Cat
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Friday PM Update:

No significant changes to the forecast. Will remove mention of rain. Good chance of rain early on Saturday (around daybreak), but should be long gone well before kickoff.

Pregame (Saturday afternoon): High around 62 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies early in the day, decreasing clouds as the afternoon progresses.

Kickoff (6PM CDT): 59°. Partly cloudy skies. Wind Westerly at 10-15 MPH.

Halftime: 55°. Partly cloudy. WSW wind at 8-10 MPH.

4th quarter: 53°. Mostly clear skies. WSW wind at 6-8 MPH.

Postgame: Around 50 degrees under mostly clear skies.

In other words, weather should not have a significant impact on the game. A bit chilly for those in the stands, but 50s are pretty nice temperatures for playing football.