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Nebraska #1 in preseason volleyball poll: 4 Big Ten teams in top 10


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Not a surprise after last year's success and our phenominal recruiting over recent history. No surprise that Ohio State is #5; Wisconsin and Minnesota both in top 10 too. What a conference! It's going to be a dynamite season.
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I am surprised at #1 because (1) we lost two starters including an All American, to Texas, (2) our outside hitters hitting percentage was a record low last year, (3) we are trying out a new setter, (4) we will have new middles, and (5) our two best servers from last year are gone. I have confidence that our hitting will improve, that Orr will be a great setter by year’s end, and that our frosh middles will be okay. But that doesn’t mean I expected the raters to conclude that we are the best team in the country now.

As noted previously, Texas had five leave and 6 transfer in, so the raters believe that coaching staff can mesh all the newcomers successfully. Our B1G competition also relied more heavily on the portal than we did.
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