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Neb @ NW -Game 3 - 5-6-19 - 3:30 pm


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They are struggling with the P name!! :)

Pronounced; Paglia reeni; Not; Pagli are eeni. C'mon Greg :Facepalm:

**I was so glad when they changed pitchers; D'Alise. Was tired of Greg's mispronunciation.

Is it safe to come in? Dont want to jinx this hitting explosion. :Wave:
I thought I was the one jinxing the team so I stayed away. Just listened on the radio while doing other things.

I guess I need to stay away more often. I am the reason they lose.
I am the reason and that's why I stayed away. :p

When NwU started their comeback I could just see us folding like a cheap suit. Way to hang on for the win HUSKERS! :Mfclap: :Rockon: :Corn2:

Way to hang in there CBob. Nice pbp. :nod: :Clap:


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You know we've reached a low point when we celebrate avoiding a sweep against a bad Northwestern team.

We suck -- but we could've sucked more!

Nah, on a given day, it’s binary: W > L, period. So yesterday was a good outcome. I’ll refrain from expecting a high score for artistic merit, too much teeth gnashing in that.


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Why are you not around? Are you bored with our illustrious baseball talent? Hmm? LOL
Nah, it's this pesky little four letter word that keeps getting in my way of watching or reading the Huskers games. It's call "work". HA! :Cheers: