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Neb @Minn - Sunday -May 8 - 1:00 pm Siebert Field - Game 3 of 3


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Yes, Minn had 2 wins in conference before this series. Now, they have 4!! Just goes to show, Bolt does not inspire his team.. Sorry, but there is no chemistry here, as of this moment.
Maybe not! However, I think external motivation is overrated. I have had a lot of bosses in my career, and I have never depended on them to motivate me to do well. If a college athlete needs to be be motivated to do well, he or she is in trouble. Last year's team had some good leadership and they played with heart. This year's team does not seem to have good leadership, and they sure don't play with any heart. They just try to go through the motions.
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and they sure don't play with any heart. They just try to go through the motions.
Minny series surely was that way….lacking Matthews seemed to really upset the team

But I think they have played with “heart” all season…

They constantly seem to “get close” at the end…only to fail.

Hard to pinpoint the problems (seems to rotate every week) down to simple failed execution…especially at critical moments.

And that is always a three fold problem…How much is lack of effort, how much is lack of coaching and how much is lack of talent.

A team like Minny was awful….but they concentrated on what they could do. They could bunt with a runner on. They could move a runner into scoring position. After that…they just got plain lucky with some key hits/Husker mistakes..

I think we are going to have some really good pitchers in the future. But these guys need to be able to do the simple stuff like bunting, smarter approaches at counts both offense and defense…and baserunning if they ever want to really emerge.

I’m soooo tired of failed bunts and 0-2 or 1-2 count enemy hits….and sloppy baserunning!