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Neb host Indy - Fri. - 6:02 pm ctrl - 5/10/24 - Haymarket Park - Game 1 of 3


I’m sorry, but I just don’t trust Kyle Perry to be our closer.

Daiss, probably the best…. maybe even Jason Worthley, but even they are very iffy

seven blown saves by this team…. 4 by Kyle….That’s a lot…… and it’s not like they were one run blown saves…. they went into the final inning two and even three runs up.

That means a total collapse.

OK…. It’s sports and the sun comes up tomorrow!

New day, new opportunity. Right now we see disaster, but the other side of the coin is opportunity. Opportunity to show the entire state and all its fans that they are a good baseball team and will show it

I hope my Huskers do a lot better and I will root for them as hard as I can.

It isn’t like I can pull on a jersey and warm up the old pitcher arm to help….

go get them tomorrow boys! Dust yourself off. Get a good meal. Get some sleep and come back ready to play.

I was there of course. Went from jubilation to misery quickly.

This is a poor defensive team. That was apparent early in the season.

I get what Childress was thinking in throwing Perry with lefties coming up, but as soon as I saw it I said “overthinking it Rob, meltdown to come”. Boom, disaster.

Not much the staff could do last night - it was just poor pitching in the 9th. However on weekday games it seems the staff uses the starter for 2-3 innings and then goes to the bullpen. I assume all of these guys are primarily starters in high school. Let them go at least 5 if not struggling. Same with relievers. Why pull them every inning - let them pitch 2-3 innings if effective.


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