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Neb host Indy - Fri. - 6:02 pm ctrl - 5/10/24 - Haymarket Park - Game 1 of 3

wish we had a pitching staff
that struggled like Indy!!
0-1, called strike
Evans ab


uno mas!!

So much for being toughest team in baseball. Toughest to watch? Definitely!!!
They started the season really well and came back several times….
they were tough.

But they have lost all confidence in the relief pitchers…. It’s evident the way they tighten up completely in the last innings.

It’s really hard on the position players.

can divide a team very quickly.

In the end, it’s on Will Bolt.

If they don’t make the NCAA tournament this year, then it may be time to tear it up and start again.

I like continuity, but the truth is Will won the Big Ten with a team he basically inherited.

And the Huskers will continue to have winning records under him.

But I maintain with as much support that he gets…… probably the best in the Big Ten baseball arena…..

This team should do better than “just a winning record” ….that simple.

Let’s hope that they can come back on Saturday and Sunday and show some fire.

I really want to be a good fan and support these kids as much as possible, but there are some obvious things that simply have to be addressed for Nebraska baseball to take the next step.
What can Will be saying in this huge huddle?? Blah, blah, blah!!

going to listen to audio and see how they feel!


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