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NCAA Selection Show


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So we are about the 32nd seed. Way too low in my opinion.
Yep, I was just going to post that. Very disappointing!! :mad:

It will be interesting to see where Michigan lands. If they are a #2 seed, they are a higher #2 seed than we are.
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The Kevin Warren follies roll on. The lack of out of conference games killed Nebraska. Listening to commissioner Sankey from the SEC last night during their conference championship, when asked how he structured the schedule for the season he said the first thing he did was contact the selection committee to see what their priorities were. He learned that out of conference competition was going to be paramount. Mr Warren couldn't even get a schedule together until everyone else was playing games.

My advice to Mr. Warren, quit and disappear. I know that's not going to happen so my second recommendation would be, get Commissioner Sankey on speed dial and do whatever he does.

I would love to know what commissioner Warren considers the the highlights of his tenure.
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