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National Title Game: Ohio State vs Alabama


Scout Team
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God he looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dad.
Honestly, did any one really think oSU had an actual shot at winning tonight? I had the over at 75, so I need one more score from Bama or that other team and I cash out kind of nice tomorrow.
I thought OSU had a decent chance. I'm sure losing a couple of their main players early on didn't help the cause, but I thought the biggest issue was scheme. Alabama just flat out-coached OSU in many ways. They got the match-ups they wanted and they pressured and covered enough to confuse Fields. It looked like Nebraska against Ohio State, except we were Ohio State and Ohio State was Bama!


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The number of players that have "waited their turn" was amazing. Rare to see players from either school in the portal.
That Alabama team might be the best overall team I’ve ever seen. Top three for sure. How much time do you think Saban and Sarkisian spend in practice getting their center to snap the ball right?