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National Semi-Final: Nebraska vs. Illinois


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I am blown away by the confidence and resolve these young ladies showed tonight. They truly are the example of the type of athletic program we need in all the sports. Class, intelligence, integrity, mental toughness and fight. Congrats ladies, you earned it despite not playing the best match of the tournament.


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Man, was I ever a greedy fan.

At the end of the 2nd set, I told the girls (on TV), "You may have dug yourself too big a hole, but at least get your game together and fight back. After all you've done this year, don't go out this way." I was thinking what a crappy memory that would be for them, maybe for some of them for a long time.

Then of course, after the 3rd set I got greedy again and wanted more than just a good showing. I told them, "Hey, now win this 4th set and it'll be like a whole new match! You can win this one if you won the last one!"

And then after the 4th it was just, "Win this thing!"

Typical fan, I'm never satisfied. :D

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What a great example of “finding a way to win”.

I really liked that coach Cook attributed a lot of the comeback to his senior’s attitude... that they always believed they’d win... and motivated the team to do the same.

Huge congratulations to the team and coaches. What a great achievement! And what an outstanding demonstration of sustained championship-level of play year after year!!


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The worse part about it was they had 2 camera men in rolling chairs out on the side of the court to film, but not far enough off to be out of the way. One of the girls dove for a ball and almost took a chair to the face. Completely unsafe.
Common sense you would think


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Great win, really amazing that they came back and won that match, when they really didn't play that well. That was their B game not their A game.

Congrats Ladies and now go beat the Trees.