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National Semi-Final: Nebraska vs. Illinois


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Cook took the Ladies off the court and, well, I dunno.... All I know is, they came out and kicked ass. That was sweet.
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Husker Country Doc

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Huskers looked overrun at the end of first, and throughout 2nd set.

Looked like an Illini avalanche.

But then Cook took them to lockerroom, did his magic, and the team stormed back.

It felt like Illini were doing a great job of taking Foecke out of it early, and forcing someone else to beat them. Sun stepped up
Initially, but then slumped through the end of first set and 2nd set.

Huskers did great!

If you can get to Minneapolis Saturday, GET THERE!


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OK, i m home from karaoke! Wow, what an awesome display of courage! I never doubted, because these gals, and others in the past, have always shown heart!! Nebraska never gives up!

Congrats, once more, Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Hooray::Rockon: