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Tom Osborne
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Link to tweet with the SoundCloud link in it

The first 18'ish minutes are good, but the last 9 are fantastic, imo.

He calls ME a genius, twice, says Tanner Lee makes all the throws and "look out" for him next year. Discuss JP and the Black Shirt tradition too.

It's 27 minutes and it's worth every one of them.
I know someone who is going to wet their pants. Lol


All Legend
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The last 8 was gold. I particularly liked the part about POB. When He talks about not giving him credit because being a Cali kid he already has a big head. Loved it.

The Nth Degree

Scout Team
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Great stuff...well worth the listen. Really liked how he said that at the beginning of the season he was hoping that JP would get the D Line right, and he got them, "...more than right."

Good stuff throughout the interview...thanks for sharing!


Scout Team
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He has a chance because the Lee name has generations of proven grateness:

Bruce Lee, Sara Lee, General Lee, super dog cop Jerry Lee, and Stan Lee.

Any chance that I could hire that mechanic to fix my.......................car?

All 'N' 011808

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Any chance that I could hire that mechanic to fix my.......................car?
It's entirely possible, but you should know that the waiting list and the required donation is longer and steeper than season tickets for Cornhusker Football games.
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