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Nash Hutmacher: Will Make His Decision in July


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Blacktail deer are the main deer in Oregon. I don't think that they have many whitetails. They have mule deer, too, but I think that those are mainly in the eastern part of the state. I think that they also have antelope in the eastern part of Oregon, which is a long ways from Eugene, but looks more like western Nebraska. Oregon folks, is this accurate? For blacktail deer, the style of hunting that is always emphasized in the outdoor magazines is silent, stealthy stalking, which would be fun, but it's not usually how things are done around here. I would assume that drawing bear, elk, sheep, or goat tags is not a sure thing, to put it mildly.
We have both blacktail and mule deer, as well as antelope. We also have two types of elk, and black bears. There's also quite a variety of fowl, and pretty much whatever type of fish you are interested in.

The western portion of the state (Portland, Salem, Eugene) is where most of the people are, and most of the opposition to hunting/shooting. Get out of those areas and there is a longstanding support of hunting, fishing, and pretty much all other outdoors activities.


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What's sad to me, @SierraRed, is that I can take out just a handful of words from your description, and it's pretty much true for almost every other state in the U.S. Here's what I mean:

The __________ portion of the state is where most of the people are, and most of the opposition to hunting/shooting. Get out of those areas and there is a longstanding support of hunting, fishing, and pretty much all other outdoors activities.
For Colorado, that portion would be the Denver/Boulder area and its immediate surroundings. For Virginia, that portion would be NoVa. For Montana, that portion would be where all of the West Coast faux hippie transplants have taken over, like Missoula. For Wyoming, it would be the same except it would be Jackson. New York except for NYC. Minnesota except for the Twin Cities. Wisconsin except for Madison & Milwaukee. Ohio except for the Three C's. Pennsylvania except for Philly and Pittsburgh. The proportions change from state to state, but it's pretty much the same story everywhere. I'm sure that the greatest collection of tree-hugging PETA folks in SD are in Vermillion and the Sioux Falls area, and I'll bet it's the same for Nebraska and the Lincoln and Omaha areas.

One of the ironies of American culture is that those who are the most radical about protecting nature seem to have grown up most separated from it, but those who grow up in the most remote parts of the U.S. are rarely Utopian wackos, with the exception of the small number of people whose hippie parents moved to those parts as part of some commune. I've seen maps of voting responses in California when the issue of hunting mountain lions was up for a vote. Both when it was first made legal and later when it was brought up for repeal, the people living in rural areas voted overwhelmingly to make it legal to hunt mountain lions, while those in urban areas voted to end mountain lion hunting. One guy from a rural area summed it up after the second vote when he said something to the effect that "We want them to continue to fear us so that they won't attack us, but people in the cities along the coast are willing to sacrifice a few of us people out here in support of having a few more mountain lions running around."
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Taking him fishing was a brilliant idea. I grew up slightly further south, but also grew up fishing on the Missouri River. I honestly don't know a soul, male or female, who lives in Chamberlain who doesn't fish, and almost all hunt, so I assumed that Hutmacher does, too. The ice just broke up on the Missouri, and the water level has been high and hard to fish, so taking him out bass fishing before he could go fishing back home is like a gift to an outdoorsman. I'd heard that Frost and company like to fish, so if they know how to handle a rod & reel, it's yet another level of connection that people who don't hunt or fish won't understand.

I got to see Tuioti teaching a seminar on D-lineman drills, and he was impressive. It wasn't just that he was knowledgeable and intense, but it's clear that his players already love him. Damian Jackson and Ben Stille were there to help him demonstrate the drills, and even though he's only had a handful of practices with them, he would just tell them the name of the drill, explain (to the coaches) why they do it, and they would then execute it perfectly without being reminded of anything. It was impressive. It wasn't just 1 or 2 drills either. He used about an hour and a half and took them through a full circuit of drills, including the use of a new sled (with new techniques) that they had never used before as it had come in on Friday. The Davis twins were at the track meet next door, but they came over just to hang out and listen in. These guys seem to really click with one another, even though their backgrounds are incredibly diverse. I saw a bunch of huge alpha males who each would like to be the toughest, yet loves spending time with the others. I suspect that Hutmacher would feel drawn to that, too. There was nothing fake or brash about anyone, coach or players, yet they were so getting after it in practice that a couple of fights broke out, mainly between D-line and O-line. Again, Hutmacher would like that.

I'll be shocked if Hutmacher doesn't commit to Nebraska. I'd also be shocked if he doesn't try to parlay his trip to Madison into going fishing for a musky because we don't have those on the Missouri River (that I know of, anyway). I wonder what Eugene, Oregon, has to offer him? He doesn't seem like a fly rod and trout kind of guy.
Up here at Okoboji Iowa (NW part of the state), have about every type of freshwater fish available except trout. Dont know what you are going to catch. I persoanlly like fishing for LM Bass and panfish with ultra light gear.


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Anyone know if Hutmacher is coming to the Spring Game? I know that he already had his OV, but his family has traveled down to Lincoln on its own before multiple times, so I thought that it was possible that he'd be there.
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