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Nash Hutmacher: Will Make His Decision in July


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NU could definitely use a good heavy weight wrestler. WE haven't had an All American at 285 since Tolly Thompson in 1997.


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0CD6130E-8B16-4FE0-AE69-3DF105C5D8A2.jpeg Here is the speedo shot. This senior to be is a wiry 5”8 150 lb wide receiver/ cornerback with 4.9 speed. Look forward to see what Duval could do with this speciman!

Ellis Boyd Redding

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I saw on a competitor's site that Nash will be camping at Wisconsin and Iowa this weekend, then visiting Nebraska on 6/5. Class of 2020.


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Anyone notice the pic on the left of the Missouri offer is a game Missouri lost to NU?

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I was surprised to see his personal cell phone and parents' cell phone on his Hudl video. Is that typical? It would freak me out to have my personal cell out there, of course I'm a therapist and there are reasons why I wouldn't want that to be public knowledge :)