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N2FL Ranks the 2020 Commits

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1. OT Turner Corcoran ##(Kansas) recruited by Greg Austin and Ryan Held
2. DT Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) recruited by Ryan Held, Tony Tuioti and Erik Chinander
3. OLB Blaise Gunnerson (Iowa) recruited by Erik Chinander
4. WR Zavier Betts (Nebraska) recruited by Troy Walters and Barrett Ruud
5. QB Logan Smothers ##(Alabama) recruited by Mario Verduzco
6. RB Sevion Morrison (Oklahoma) recruited by Ryan Held
7. WR William Nixon (Texas) recruited by Troy Walters and Ryan Held
8. OL Alex Conn (Kansas) recruited by Greg Austin and Ryan Held
9. CB Tamon Lynum (Florida) recruited by Travis Fisher and Sean Beckton

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Here is the last rankings before Henry moves into top half.


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As good as he is I say 7. I think Sevion might be too low but I do not think this one is better than him. Man this is a strong class.