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N2FL Ranks the 2019 Commits

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Half the class is made up of projects. They have high ceilings, but they come with equal bust rates. Like SSO said in his thread about trusting the development of the staff, those guys (Anderson and Fritzsche) have the frames and athleticism. Frost is banking on Duval and Ellis building them physically and then his scheme coupled with Austin's coaching turning those guys into beasts. He might be right, but I am basing it on what I see on film as much as anything. They wouldn't sign any of these kids if they didn't think the potential was there, so i'm going mostly off what they've done and shown on film - with potential and projecting also considered.

After seeing what came from all of the 4 Star guys we've signed over the years, I'm willing to try somthing different.


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It's easy when you can recruit! Valor has nearly been excluded from High School sports for shenanigans in the past. They have had some amazing former pro players kids there.

And Ed McCaffrey took over as head coach this last year, not sure where Dave Logan ran off to.
I just relocated from Denver. Logan got run off from Valor a few years ago. I think he might gotten cross ways with some of the kids rich donor parents. It was in the paper quite a bit. Last I saw, he was the coach at Cherry Creek and had those guys contending for the state title every year. Not sure if he is still there.
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These young men have me so excited for the coming seasons. I think Coach Frost really has this team teed up for great things!


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I really like the 2019 class as a whole. Best class they've brought in since 2005 IMPO. Callahan put together a nice string of classes between '05-'07. That 2008 class would have been the best had the wheels not fallen off. But hey...

Frost will have bested that three year run with next year's class after what he's done these first two years already.

Couldn't help but think, though... how good does this class look if it included Tiawan Mullen and Steven Parker?
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Overall definitely a good class and I think the positions rankings all seem reasonable. A lot of good players. The only thing that gives me pause are the two position groups where the rankings are lowest:
QB - B
RB - B+
OL - C+
DL - C+
LB - B
DB - B+

We need improved recruiting on the lines. Hopefully Dawson's replacement will be a stronger recruiter.


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Hopefully Dawson's replacement will be a stronger recruiter.
Dawson had an excellent reputation as a recruiter, and Frost has said that Ty Robinson probably wouldn't have come to Nebraska if not for Dawson. He also was the lead recruiter on Rogers last year and Rahmir Johnson (at first) this year.