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N2FL Ranks the 2019 Commits


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It's so dependent on the route they go. I'm a little worried we are going to go the Daishon Neal route who got injured just like Henrich and fought thru it, never got it fully fixed, and you see what has happened.
Maybe he is going to rub an essential oil on it. Be fine in no time.


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It'll take me till February to decide how to rank Wandale Robinson, Bryce Benhart, Ty Robinson and Noa Pola-Gates.
Well not to pile more work on your plate, but I hope you have that issue. Hell, flip a coin, we’ll all be too drunk to care!
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For Wandale Robinson, Bryce Benhart, Ty Robinson, and Now Pola-Gates, #27-30 in whatever order works okay...save the best for last.


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Nebraska should have roughly 4-6 scholarships to give out come January when the early signing period is over and the dead period lifts. I think they're going to have several guys with interest that they could potentially take.

Some names to keep in mind that may not sign until February that have yet to OV:

DT Matthew Pola-Mao
OLB Brandon Mack (Pitt commit)
DB Nehemiah Pritchett (Auburn commit)
WR Charles Njoku
WR Demariyon Houston
RB John Bivens

Then of course there will probably be a name or two that comes out of nowhere.