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N. Illinois Week Practice Thread: 14 Sept. Coach Rhule

Sounds like a game where we can feed the rock to Gabe for 25 plus times helping to establish a running game rhythm and see if one or two of our backup QBs can effectively mange the game with zero turnovers. Run a few option plays, a couple fullback traps, play action pass to a few tight ends and Kemp, and when the safeties cheat up to stop the run, maybe a pass or two to one of our young studs with potential. But first and foremost, establish the run and play a clean turnover and error free game on offense. Give HCMR a reason to believe he has options other than Sims.

Sims is the main issue right now. He's not there mentally and that's clear. Can he get there? No idea. Would I chance it this week? No.

I would put HH in and lean heavily on the run game. We all knew going in that QB wasn't going to be a position of strength behind Sims and Sims was a question mark. The question has been answered, it's time to get ultra-conservative on Offense, milk the clock, score a few points and let the Def. win the game.
As I have said in other posts: fullback in the backfield as a lead blocker and hand off to GE!


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