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N. Illinois Week Practice Thread: 14 Sept. Coach Rhule

So, what i understand....is that a 75% Sims is better than a 100% HH? So either way its a lose lose situation.....we either cant develop the roster or we ran off 3 capable backup QBS to obtain Sims...
And what evidence makes you understand that? Have you been to practice and seen with your own eyes? Did a friend of a friend of a friend with inside scoop tell you?

I would also add, JS may be a practice superstar who gets way too much in his head during a game. Whereas HH may be a guy who rises to the challenge when the lights are the brightest. Who knows?

Just putting this in the record, fwiw:

Satterfield in presser yesterday was asked by Sipple (4:10) if the turnover issue just started or was there during practice in August.

Satt replied, "No, really It's just popped up in the last two weeks to this magnitude. And just really came to a head last week."

Interpret as you will.
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