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N. Illinois Week Practice Thread: 14 Sept. Coach Rhule

Speaking of Blackshirts, I love the lack of drama so far. No "who has one this week?". The starter has the Blackshirt. Period.
Team should wear the black shirt uniforms for this home game. As bad as Saturday was, I would love to see them give a nod to the defense by having the team wear them.

Gimmicks seem to be working great at other places. Not to mention, contrary to our boomer prospective, recruits eat that crap up.
Intelligent football, athletes coached to a proper scheme are what works. Changing colors of a uniform are gimmicks. How successful have our previous iterations of gimmicks and alt uniforms been? Lol
Sims is the main issue right now. He's not there mentally and that's clear. Can he get there? No idea. Would I chance it this week? No.

I would put HH in and lean heavily on the run game. We all knew going in that QB wasn't going to be a position of strength behind Sims and Sims was a question mark. The question has been answered, it's time to get ultra-conservative on Offense, milk the clock, score a few points and let the Def. win the game.


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