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My refrigerator died last weekend

I've taken to repairing just about everything myself. Usually it's pretty easy and you can find instructions and parts via Google for just about anything. I'm repairing the washer tomorrow. Parts were only $30. The repairman quoted $300.

Yeah, I wish I would have. I'm pretty handy and usually try to fix stuff myself but I found too much conflicting info on the Interweb to try and tackle it. There were three different opinions mentioning three different parts. Didn't want to go through all of that. Besides, I had guns to shoot, beer to drink and lies to tell.
Several years ago the water pump on my wifes car was leaking. It was just a bad/old gasket. I got this! A couple of bucks for a new gasket...easy peasy. Replaced it, but I was careless tightening the last bolt...put it in crooked...snapped it in half. Dammit.

So now I had to spend over $25 on a screw extractor set and titanium drill bits. Drilled the hole, inserted the extractor, tried to remove it...



Went back to home depot, bought a couple of c-clamps, and called it good. Eff it. No more leaking.

Was supposed to be a 2 dollar repair, and my thumbs increased it by almost 20x that amount.

My wife won't let me near her car anymore.

Wait, you put your wife's water pump back on with c clamps? :Rolf:

We ended up selling it several months later. It was still leak-free. Just needed to remember to periodically check that the engine vibrations didn't loosen the clamps.

LOL. Definitely don't need one coming loose and getting caught up in the belt. That would be some major damage. I may have gone with some JB Weld. :thumbsup:


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