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My current position on Husker season 2022


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I need to change my position after yesterday. I think 6 to 7 wins this year is absolutely still possible. Other thoughts?
All depends on MSU. We lose that game and no way we get to six. We will only be favored against NW and Purdue. If we lose MSU then we have to win 2 from Mich, Wisc, Minn, Iowa, and OSU to go to a bowl, assuming we beat NW and Purdue. Neither has been a sure thing lately. That’s why Illinois was so important.

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Despite you saying that you hope you are wrong, you really think Nebraska will go 2-10?

I know you are not saying this but looking at your breakdown Nebraska is not going to go 2-10 this year. Nebraska will not go on a four game losing streak. Why are you stating you do not see a win against Sparty? Not arguing but just wanted to know what led you to that definitive of a statement?

Alberts will not fire Frost during the season. Regardless of how the season turns out I don't see Frost at all being fired. If it comes down to it, Alberts will make him do A, B, and C before any discussion of a firing.

I am more optimistic this team can get to six wins this year if not more as between Ohio St, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, they will beat one of those teams

If Frost lays another egg, I do hope Trev is savvier than to force him to do A, B, and C. Fire him or keep him, but don't do his job for him. All that will do is create mistrust and resentment.


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MSU, Northwestern, Minnesota, Purdue, and one additional big upset possibly. I could be wrong, but if they play them like they did Buffalo, they have a shot. Let’s not forget, before Buffalos Coach left, they were a top 25 team.
We will likely need to beat at least three of those four if we are going to get to 6 wins. Beating all four gets us to 6. Drop any of those four games, and then you have to find an "offsetting" win against Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio St., Wisconsin, and Iowa.
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I picked a 7-5 outcome that included Illinois, so 6 wins.
If you dont account for growth, players coming back healthy etc it could look disparaging, but its close for our run game to kick in, hopefully have a few more TEs, get Martin back with Toure and Betts learns more, it will the be the team I thought it can be.
Hope it keeps coming together.


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Michigan, Indiana and Rutgers are our cross-over games ... not daunting but not gimmee's either.
Northwestern in Dublin to open the season ... I actually think the week -0- experience this year will help
Wisconsin, Iowa, Rutgers and Michigan ... away games (not counting NW game)
Still have to play OU (albeit in Lincoln)


@True Husker, I think if Frost gets 6 wins he stays. I think a Bowl Game may be the bottom rung here. Just my opinion is all, nothing to base that on.

@FBWHEEL, For MSU, since it is an away game, I am not sure the Huskers will be able to maintain the emotional level when something bad happens. What was said in this thread (maybe another thread), the team does not seem to bounce back all that well when mistakes keep piling up. That is why I think the away games are going to be difficult to win. They will get down, make mistakes and keep spiraling. If it was at Lincoln, then maybe they pull off the win, but on the road, just not sure.

And I hope that Nebraska does not go on a four-five game losing skid. If they do, I am not sure what Alberts does in that situation.

Hopefully things change this year, the team starts to get "it" and starts cruising, minimizing the mistakes, and wins enough to play for the Conf Champ. That would be great. And to be clear, I am not cheering for a losing season, I want the Huskers to win. I want them to be dominant and push other teams around.
Didn't take it as you were cheering for a losing season.

I think (as alot of us here) the Oklahoma game is going to set the mood for the Michigan St game. The Michigan St. game is what is going to define the season going forward. Look good against Oklahoma and to your point, don't make the mistakes but if they happen, find a way to rebound. Nebraska is more athletic than Michigan St, but can Nebraska finally show some mental toughness?


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it really depends on if we continue to kill ourselves with penalties..at this point it doesn't look good for that being cleaned up. We left 21+ points because of penalties yesterday. That will quickly lose a game for you.

I think we will be lucky to win 3 of the remaining games, but we shall see what happens.
Realistically, two of those three penalties were VERY questionable, especially the last one