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MW was suspended first half


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Not a defense attorney. By NCAA rules he could only assist MW pro bono if he assisted other students in a similar manner. Could only assist MW if MW reached out to him on his own. In other words when Brunning showed up at Frost and Davison’s heed it may have been technically against the rules. Can’t practice in California.

Otherwise it was fine.
I’m guessing he was just acting in an advisory role?

Dunno. Not sure it matters.

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So my best friend is a Vikes fan. He used to scare the hell out of my dog when he was at my house yelling Skol. I have a good feeling you're making the Super Bowl.
My man, I ******* hope so. I need some sports success in my life and the Vikings have provided the least.


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Wait, do you guys mean to tell me that the Vikings actually still have a team? Man, who'da thunk it.


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Mo is who he is. He is a product of his genetics and his environment. Maybe he needs help that the structure of a football team can give him and HCSF is trying to help him by keeping him eligible. Not surprising that when he doesn’t factor much into a win posters turn on him. I bet the dialogue would be different if Mo was running down the sideline for a score vs CU. Not a lot of tolerance on here. You are asking a bit much of the guy to ignore all that is troubling him because of an opportunity you would have loved to have had.
I’m not quite sure you understand what “genetics” actually means...