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Mr. Webster RETURNS!


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Hopefully Walker will return also.
Walker has a year of eligibility left -- not quite the same situation as Thor and Kobe.

I'm excited to see Kobe come back and help next years team! He is a volume scorer when he's on.

EDIT: That video tho. I think Trey is going to need to get part of Abdelmassih's salary because he's recruiting an amazing team all on his own.
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Red Don

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His return is viewed within the program as a key piece for NU’s 2021-22 team and also proof that Webster and his teammates believe NU is closer to breaking through than fans and media outside the program perceive.

His scholarship will not count against the 13-man total.
His baskets WILL (and, toward the end of the 2021 campaign, he started making a lot of them.)

Nebraska coach Fred Hoiberg showed Webster a shot chart in the midseason, shifting Webster’s shots away from mid-range looks and toward more 3s.

“That’s helped his shooting percentage out there on the floor,” Hoiberg said after the Northwestern game.


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Was checking the roster for Doc's new title: I noticed that both Webster and Thorbjarnarson are listed on the 21-22 roster as of today. I don't know if that means anything than the door is still open for Thorir.

Should be a fun season next year!