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Mosai Newsom, 6'5" 260 pound DE from Waverly, IA is N

This is what I like to see. I would love to see Nebraska get half of their recruits every year from either Nebraska or the boarder states. Back in the day you saw this happen, it needs to start happening more frequently in the present.

This kid isn't even considering Nebraska if MR is the coach.

I don't usually look at a lot of highlight film, because it is a highlight. I did just watch a couple of minutes of his and I like the fact that he played with some decent tech. He had good hand placement and didn't just overpower lesser guys. Plays a little high which you get with HS kids but looks good.
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I've been expecting this commitment since his visits in the spring. Chinander really wanted this guy, and, once again, the staff established another genuine relationship with another recruit and has him on board. Well done!

Welcome to the family! Awesome! The punches keep on rolling in for this staff! Love it!
Great to see, and looking forward to these recruiting results (succeeding within our radius) becoming the norm!

Congrats to Mosai... and welcome...


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