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Moos, 8 or 9 wins?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s Frost’s fault. There have been many instances where even hall of fame-type coaches couldn’t get things done in a particular program. For whatever reason, the pH wasn’t right.

Nick Saban - Dolphins
Jimmie Johnson - Dolphins
Chip Kelly - Eagles and UCLA
Harbaugh - Michigan (jury still out)
Parcels - Cowboys
Pete Carroll - Jets
Belichik - Browns

Happens all the time.
I guess we just disagree. He is being paid $5 million a year to overhaul a program, and to do whatever it takes to get it done. I'd say without hesitation it's his fault if he can't figure it out. Jumping from NFL to college isn't a great comparison in my mind, because many of these coaches were at the mercy of the GM for personnel decisions in the NFL, had salary limits to deal with, and were not in complete control of recruiting like in college. Just as you gave examples of uneven results, there are also plenty of examples of coaches who can make any program better no matter what level they are coaching at. That doesn't mean they will have undefeated seasons, but they raise the level of everything in the program. In the examples you cited, is it possible that those coaches did not yet have the required breadth of experience to navigate the situation at their unsuccessful stops? That doesn't mean they weren't responsible for the results, because they were, but maybe they learned from their failures/experiences, and it helped them be great coaches later? I'm hoping that this is the situation with Frost. I hope his mistakes have taught him some things, he can take those things and change as necessary to get better results. I'm also hoping Frost doesn't have to take his OJT here at NU, leave and find success somewhere else..... :)

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Who's fault was it then? Success and failure of a football team resides on the coach's shoulders. Yes every single one of them have failed, and it's okay to say that it was their fault. If you interviewed them, they would tell you they would have done things differently.
Some of them might have said, "I just needed more time to turn it around."
It's interesting that, in human behavior, we seem to find some solace in placing blame on someone for anything and everything. The world is unpredictable. Sometimes ***t happens.
It's true, sometimes ***t happens. Although, I would like to figure out how to get paid millions of dollars a year, and then walk away when I fail and just say "s**T happens"........ :Biggrin: