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Monday Press Conference 11/22/21

Red Don

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A Good Listen; particularly regarding WBB and VB:

Starts off with Coach Amy Williams (to 11:07) then Jaz Shelley (very well-spoken lady) for a couple of minutes (I didn't know that Nebraska had originally tried to recruit her when she chose Oregon). Then Coach Cook (@ 15:50 thru 22:20)

Coach Amy Williams very enthusiastic about this year's WBB team (as we all know); they have set high goals for themselves. Talented team and Depth that we haven't had before.

Both coaches talk a little about recruiting Maggie Mendelson (collaborative effort). Interesting story - she came back with her family to sign her LOI in-person (I think they intended to attend the Rutgers volleyball game that was cancelled). There must be more to her recruitment as Coach Cook mentioned he'd write about it in his (future) book. :wink: About the upcoming VB games, Cook said it'd be a challenge; But Nebraska never shys away from challenges. ("Come to Nebraska; We Play for Championships," he said.) Said he thought it was harder to win a Conference Title than a Natty; because the conference is such a long grind both home and away, and one can't afford to let up. A good listen!

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