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Momentum Towards 12 Team Playoff


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The fact that you disagree doesn’t make it a tired argument. I could say the same about your point of view. Nobody has to play in the NFL either. All of these players could take the route that the other 99.99 percent take and make a living outside of sports. Or they could do what 1 percent of Americans do and fight for our country in the military. That’s a little more risky than the horror of playing a few more football games. Those poor young men.

To add, we’re moving towards more and more benefits for our young athletes such as NIL, which I’m in favor of. I’m all for them getting to earn some money while playing ball. But you won’t find me crying for anyone because they might have to play a few more football games. I’m not that guy, dude.
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8 or 12 CFP playoff, need to move from "Football" to "Other Teams" ;). Last 20 years, the highest Huskers rankings, #14. 2014 thru present, #NR.

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