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Mo Washington not on depth chart

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It would appear that "it's all on Washington" now. Frost can't afford to allow his actions to degrade the team so probably best to make the decision now. Next man up, I hope.


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Well, the rest of those games just got a lot harder.
Not sure that's entirely accurate. I was told by someone knowledgable that he basically refused to run inside even when the play called for it. That's simply not going to cut it when it happens 4 or 5 times in a row. This situation might have been a distraction if Mo wasn't following team rules. HCSF has to make sure the tail isn't wagging the dog which to some extent seemed to be the case.

I wish him well and hope he gets himself straghtened out because he has some great talent imo.


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I'd tell you he threw a tantrum and wanted to be moved to defensive back but unless someone else tweets it...
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